Testo 512

Differential pressure measuring instrument for 0 to 2000 hPa


  • The testo 512 differential pressure measuring instrument can be used to perform differential pressure measurements in a measuring range of 0 to 2000 hPa.
  • The damping for moving averages is adjustable. The actual value shown can be held on the display by pressing the HOLD button. The measured minimum and maximum value can be displayed and stored on the instrument.
  • You can display measuring values from your differential pressure measurements in any of the 7 possible units: kPa, hPa, mm H2O, mmHg, psi, inch H2O and inch Hg. The values can be viewed easily on the large illuminated display of the differential pressure measuring instrument.

Special Features

  • 7 pressure units to choose from: kPa, hPa, mm H2O, mmHg, psi, inch H2O, inch Hg.
  • Large measuring range up to 2000 hPa.
  • TopSafe protective case (optional) protects against impact, dirt and spray water.
  • Illuminated display, min./max. value display, hold function.