Testo 175 H1

Temperature and humidity data logger


  • The testo 175 H1 data logger measures, monitors and logs the temperature and relative humidity in buildings and closed rooms. The logger comes with an external humidity sensor (stub) for shorter reaction times and a lock to prevent it from being easily stolen or tampered with.
  • In addition to the current temperature and humidity values, the logger can also log and display dew point values.  Other information including adjustable threshold values, breached thresholds and remaining battery power can also be read off the large, clear display.

Special Features

  • Round-the-clock monitoring and logging of temperature, relative humidity and dew point.
  • Super-size memory for long-term measurements and up to 1 million readings, battery life 3 years.
  • Shorter reaction times and accurate measurements with external humidity sensor.
  • Free software download (ComSoft Basic).