Testo 106

Penetration Thermometer


  • The testo 106 food thermometer allows fast, accurate measurement of the core temperature of food (or other semi-solid products). It can take up to two measurements a second. Thanks to this impressive performance, the food thermometer is perfect for quick checks during food controls (e.g. in industrial kitchens, catering, restaurant chains, or food retail sector).

Special Features

  • For fast, accurate measurement of core temperatures (e.g. in food controls).
  • Combined with the TopSafe protective case (can be ordered separately), the testo 106 is an EN 13485 certified and HACCP-compliant thermometer.
  • Visual and acoustic alarm when the limit value is exceeded (limit value can be set individually).
  • Fine measuring tip with a 2.2 mm diameter: puncture holes are barely discernible.