Itron AnyQuest Cyble

Radio Module for Mobile AMR


  • Built on Itron proven expertise to design and manufacture high performance radio modules, AnyQuest Enhanced is the significant next evolution step going far beyond the simple reading of the actual meter index for billing purpose.

Special Features

  • Recording highest flow rate of a selectable interval (day / week / month) 13 monthly flags & 5 highest peak flow rates are stored (date & time stamped).
  • Record consumption within day period & year season.
  • Record consumption within hour/day/ week/month interval. 46, 89 or 181 intervals are stored (depending on selected consumption resolution).
  • Consumption in reverse direction is detected. Storing the index of total reverse flow consumption, 13 monthly alarm flags Usage / detection / monitoring.
  • If within 24h permanent flow above leakage flow rate threshold has been detected, the day is counted as a leakage day. Storing 13 month history of number of leakage days per month, monthly & yearly leakage alarm.
  • Record total consumption below flow rate threshold 1 and above flow rate threshold 2.