Instalaciones Michel Instrumentos S.A.

Michel Instrumentos S.A. was set up as a family business in 1924, at Gros district in San Sebastián. Since 1988 it is a public limited company.

In its beginnings, at the workshops of 2nd Gloria Street of San Sebastián, the company was dedicated exclusively to repair, reading and maintenance of water meters, managed by Cayetano Michel Chambard, its founder. With the extension of services to other industrial areas and the consequent turnover of the firm, his son, Mario Michel de Andrés, chief manager, moved the facilities to a new location, at the 42 Paseo de Colón in the capital, with capacity for workshop, offices, reception, warehouse, and a verification and attachments ramp.

Since the beginning of 2005, and to improve the logistics organisation with our customers and suppliers, the company has its headquarters at the Polígono de Belartza (11 Calle Gurutzegi 1-C), in San Sebastián. Nowadays the company is managed by José Michel Rodríguez, the third generation of the family.

Michel Instrumentos S.A. also provides reading, consumption control, assembly and dismantlement service for water meters.